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Aroma stone | Is This a Cake? | Rounds

RM 24.00

Each piece is meticulously hand poured and sanded with care.
No two pieces will ever be the same! One-of-a-kind decor for your home or as a gift.

Our Aroma Stone is made out of high quality non-toxic plaster. The scents will be emitted slowly and the stone can be used indefinitely. The duration of the scent varies with the size, if the scent becomes weak, simply add more fragrance oil of your choice to the stone.

suitable places to use:
• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Working space
• Office
• Car
• Wardrobe

•Although our decorative trays are non-toxic, please AVOID eating off it to avoid accidentally ingesting the plaster.
•Every piece is handmade. Small bubbles or slight variations in colour that occur will only make it all the more unique!
•These plaster pieces are fragile, please be careful when handling them!
• Always apply fragrance oil or perfume of your choice onto the back of the stone.
• Please wait till the fragrance oil or perfume is completely absorbed into the stone before hanging it.